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Healthcare service at home

Curodoc is one of the leading domains lending healthcare service at home at a very reasonable package. Consisting of the team of various attendants and nurses we are to serve all with complete obligation. At times it happens that due to some other work commitments we have refrained and unintentionally fail to take care of our beloved people during their ailing period. Thus, in that circumstances when you want to take the best care of your dearly precious one and at the same time you want to do all your professional work as well then there is nothing to worry about because we curodoc stand straight as your willpower and support when you fall weak. Our attendants are 100% police verified hence, there is nothing to be tensed about any kind of mislead or misfortune and also, our company renders supplementary attendant in case, the client does not find the work of our attendant beneficial or the attendant/nurse takes a leave. Basic work done by our attendant/nurse is: · Nutrition: Feeding the patient time and according to the recommendations of the doctor · Medical management: Providing medicines, injections etc on time according to the prescription. · Personal care & Toileting: Making the patient bath, taking care of their oral hygiene, making them pee, discharging their stool, changing their diapers and so on. · Mobility: Support in moving to and fro, walking, pulling off from wheel-chair, exercises, and any other physical activities · Vital monitoring: Tracking their weight, sugar level, Blood pressure etc. · Companionship: Behaves well with the patient, polite and friendly by nature, easy to be with. Services we mostly deal with are: · Elderly care · Paralysis care · Parkinson care · Cancer care · Mother & Newborn baby care · Medical equipment on rent · Lab test at home

Trained and experienced male attendant in Delhi

Procure the service of the male attendant in Delhi at a convenient package from curodoc. Yes, now you can get the most trained and skilled male attendant from us at an affordable cost. There must be multiple companies in the city who are serving healthcare facilities but there are least companies who are offering these services at low cost and curodoc is among those companies who serve the client at a decent cost.


We provide male and female both attendants as per the liking of the client. Usually, what people think is that female attendant are more attentive and sincere than that of male attendants but the male attendants whom we provide are equally sincere, obedient and attentive as female one.


Though they are already medically trained and experienced but still we conduct a proper training session for them before sending them on duty. We train and orient them according to our policy, and vision, mold them perfectly for the responsibilities they shall be attaining. And also we do a strict checking on them for the safety and security purpose. Police verification is also done before assigning them to the client. We render attendants for either 12 hours or 24 hours according to the budget and preference of the client. Our male attendants are very hardworking and sensible; they treat the patient as their own beloved people. Expert in all the aspects our male attendants are absolutely profound.



Services for which we render male attendants


· Paralysis care
· Parkinson care
· Cancer care
· Patient care
· Elderly care

Roles and Responsibility of the male attendant


Personal care: They are very concerned about the personal hygiene of the patient hence, they make the bath or do the sponge at the bed only, take care of their oral hygiene, grooming, clothing and so on.

Medical administration: Manages all the medical aspects like given medicines on time, applying ointment, dealing with the wound or injury, injections etc.



Nutrition: Feeding them timely, preparing essential stuff for the patient, make sure that they don’t eat any harmful thing which is not good for their health.

Vital Monitoring: Keeps on tracking weight, blood pressure, sugar level, and other essential things

Mobility: Support them in walking, exercises, moving to and fro, and helping them in other physical activities.


Toileting: Assisting them in the urinal and even changing their diaper in critical condition

Companionship: Mingles with the patient and try to divert them from their health issues. In simple word, they do not just support physically but also support them mentally and emotionally like their own family.


If you are looking for a male attendant in Delhi then contact curodoc and fix your appointment now.